Social Media Marketing: Essentials for Managing Your Account

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By now, many companies have become aware of the advantages of social media marketing and have worked to establish some sort of presence on the many platforms available. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr or some other type of exotic platform that even we don’t know about yet, there are some crucial features that should be integrated into your profile. At JumpSIX Marketing, we decided to share some of the vital elements that can make or break your company’s social media page.

Pleasing Appearance

Nothing drives a potential customer away more than seeing a poorly designed, low-quality set of graphics sitting front and center on your account. This includes your profile picture, cover photo and any supplemental images you may post. Make sure you have a legible, crisp and professional-looking photo that gives people a positive first impression of your brand. A (non-pixelated) logo and coordinating cover photo can easily make your page look twice as professional and go a long way for your social media marketing.

Identifying Your Business

Many companies neglect to utilize the description/bio portion of their social media profile, or they at least do a poor job in choosing what to include. What does your business do? Where are you located? How can we contact you? What is your website address? These are all questions that should be easily answerable by doing a quick glance through the description of your profile. If people are able to learn about your company in an accessible manner, then you are practicing effective social media marketing.

Staying Active

There’s nothing quite more upsetting than finding a business on a social media site only to see that they haven’t posted anything in half a decade. The customer might as well assume that you went out of business if you’ve been inactive for that long. Practicing good social media marketing includes having a strong presence on the site and regularly posting updates so that clients know you are making an effort to expand your brand. Your apparent effort in staying current online can translate into how people will perceive your product or service.

Engaging with Customers

One of the most beneficial facets of social media marketing is the ability to easily interact with customers. Whether they are asking a question, heckling you for a retweet or simply saying hello, making some sort of effort of acknowledgment can go a long way in attracting more people to your business. Work on increasing your response time to messages that are sent to your accounts as this shows a strong attention to customer service. Additionally, try making posts that ask questions or encourage users to share your content. Making a friendly effort to reach out to followers can create a great image for your brand.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing for Social Media Marketing Advice

The above tips are all simple methods for drawing more attention to your company and instilling a positive portrayal to your prospective buyers. For more information on social media marketing and the services we provide, contact JumpSIX Marketing at 417-799-2233.

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