Social Media Marketing: Techniques for Instagram

Making a social media marketing plan for Instagram

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is a huge social media platform and more people are using it than ever. If your customer base consists of millennials and younger and you don’t have Instagram, it’s time to seriously consider using it. With a good Instagram social media marketing campaign, you can really engage customers and drive business. Today in the JumpSIX Marketing blog, we’ll discuss some techniques and best practices for Instagram.

Take Quality Pictures

Instagram is an entirely visual medium. Sure you can add captions, and you should, to engage your customer, but what makes them stop scrolling is a well-done picture. Your pictures need to be high-quality, visually engaging, and well framed. Luckily, phone camera technology is advanced enough that you can take these kinds of pictures on your phone. Still, it’s not enough to just take a picture of anything in your office and post it. You still need to take your time and make sure the content is thoughtful and useful to the customer. Whether that be a motivational quote, an employee spotlight post, or a picture of one of your products. All of these have potential to catch the eye of your customer, but only if it’s well done.

Have a Consistent Voice

A big part of any successful social media marketing strategy is making sure you have a voice for your brand. Before you start making posts, you need to decide what kind of presence you want to have on social media. Do you want to be entertaining? Funny? Informative? A combination of all three? As long as you stay true to your brand and the voice you create for it, then you’re in good shape. Just make sure the voice makes sense for your brand. For instance, a coffee shop could benefit from taking an inspirational or entertaining approach to their content. A more serious tone might not make sense for them because it could come across as pretentious or boring. Knowing your potential audience will play a big part in deciding what kind of voice you want to have.


If you have a social media marketing strategy for Twitter, you’re probably familiar with using quality hashtags. Instagram has a similar approach. Using quality hashtags with high search volume can increase your engagement and your followers. It’s important to make sure the hashtags you use relate to your business in order to maximize engagement and quality followers.

Social Media Marketing at JumpSIX

If you’re at a loss as to how to start a social media marketing campaign, let us help. Our expert social media marketing team can help you get a great campaign off the ground and run it for you, creating high-quality posts and scheduling them for you. For more information about our social media marketing services, contact us today.

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