Social Media Marketing: Techniques for Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Pinterest

When making a social media marketing strategy, it’s easy to remember the big ones like Facebook and Twitter. The marketing tactics for these platforms are pretty well-known, but what about sites like Pinterest. Depending on your business, Pinterest could prove to be extremely useful. Let’s discuss some effective social media marketing techniques for Pinterest.


Pinterest is an image-driven social media platform. Simply put, if you don’t have good visuals, you’re not going to get any interaction. That’s why it’s important to make sure your business lends itself to Pinterest before diving into a social media marketing strategy. For instance, law firms wouldn’t want to be on Pinterest – it’s not the right audience. But a bakery? That’s perfect. You can post pictures, recipes, and more. Attractive, striking pictures of your products will help to drive traffic and increase user interaction. Just make sure you have the proper dimensions. Typically, vertical pins at 2:3 or 1:3:5 aspect ratio look best, with a minimum resolution of 600 pixels.

Consistent Posting

As with any other social media platform, you need to be posting consistently to keep engagement and interest high. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to flood people’s feeds and annoy them, but well placed, consistent posting is definitely beneficial. A couple of times a day is a good starting point, and make sure to space them out so you hit as many users as possible. One in the early afternoon and one in the evening is usually a good rule of thumb for those new to Pinterest. Make posting easier by using a scheduling app, so you can schedule all of your posts in advance.

Engaging Material

Obviously, if the content of the post isn’t interesting, people will ignore it. But there are quite a few factors that make a Pinterest post more engaging. First, make sure your post isn’t too long. Your content needs to be readable and to the point. Also, make sure you use relevant hashtags to reach a bigger audience. You’ll also want to incorporate some keywords to make sure your social media marketing strategy has a point of focus. Finally, you’ll want to strike the right tone. If you have a prestige brand, you might want your posts to be a bit more sophisticated. Or, maybe you want your brand to be perceived as accessible and fun? You can use a more casual tone in this case.

Contact the Social Media Marketing Experts

It can be hard to juggle all the different social media platforms and implement separate strategies for each one. That’s why you should leave your social media marketing strategy to the professionals. JumpSIX Marketing uses proven methods and techniques to make your social media stand out from the competition. For more information on our social media or any of our digital marketing services, contact us today.

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