Social Media Marketing: Using a #Hashtag

Hashtag Used in Social Media Marketing

If you don’t know by now, hashtags are a way for social media users to participate in a group discussion about one topic. Since their conception in 2007, hashtags have become a staple of social media, used by millions of users a day across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In social media marketing, hashtags offer a unique opportunity to connect users to your brand. Today, JumpSIX Marketing discusses some effective ways to use hashtags.

Brand Your Name

Creating brand awareness is one of the most common and effective uses of hashtags for social media marketing. Whether you hashtag your company name, a product line, or the name of a special sale, you spread your message and raise awareness of your name, products, and services.

Not only can hashtags brand your company name, but they help facilitate communication with your customers. For example, when you create a hashtag for your company name, you can see when other users talk about your company. Regularly checking who is using your hashtag on social media gives you a chance to talk with your customers and answer their questions and concerns.

Capitalize on Trends

Many companies use hashtags as a way to connect their brand to popular social media trends. For example, during the birth of Prince Charles and Kate Middleton’s baby, the hashtag #RoyalBaby starting trending around the world. Many companies jumped on this trend and created tongue-and-cheek social media posts that connected their brand to the royal birth. Oreo posted a photo of a baby bottle and an Oreo on top of a red velvet pillow and Charmin posted a photo of a golden toilet. These posts connected their brand to an international discussion and brought millions of users to their social media pages.

Although this social media marketing strategy is highly effective, keep in mind that you must act fast for it to be effective. Hashtag trends can fade into irrelevancy within days or even hours, so keeping up requires you to keep a close eye on social media discussions.

Hashtag Tips

Not everything can be made into a hashtag, and putting a hashtag in front of absolutely anything is an ineffective social media marketing tactic that leaves your company looking foolish. When you are creating a social media post, only place a hashtag in front of your most important keywords. Additionally, keep your hashtags nice and short. Tagging a long string of words is confusing and difficult to read. Lastly, when you do hashtag a group of words, utilize capitals to make distinctions. For example, instead of #socialmediamarketing, say #SocialMediaMarketing.

Social Media Marketing at JumpSIX

When you are running a business, keeping up with the latest social media trends and maintaining your online presence can be difficult. Luckily, the social media marketing experts at JumpSIX Marketing can do the job for you. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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