How To Use Different Voices Across Social Media Marketing Platforms

Varying voices in social media marketing.

More than ever before, social media marketing determines whether people like your brand, find it trustworthy, or want to visit your website. People will interact or see your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and judge the character of your company based on these interactions. For this reason, all social media marketing strategies must take care to not only establish a consistent brand identity and voice but also use subtly unique tones for each social media platform.

In the same way that speaking to your best friend in the middle school lunch room was different from speaking to her in the privacy of your bedroom, talking to your consumers changes depending on the context. Every social media platform comes with a different set of norms and appropriate tones, and a great digital marketing strategy will adapt accordingly without disrupting the overall brand identity or voice.


Still the most popular platform for digital socializing, at least for the time being, Facebook allows you to really flex your social media muscles. From posting pictures to providing live streams, you can share your company in a relaxed and intimate way.

Lighthearted memes abound here, and your tone should be light and fun, or as light and fun as it can be. If you’re marketing rat poison, you might want to dial back on the jokes — but for the most part, Facebook should reflect your company’s carefree side.


Quick, snarky, under 280 characters. Described this way, Twitter sounds more like a family reunion than a social media platform, and sometimes it’s best to treat the social media platform as such. Your social media marketing strategy with Twitter should focus on individual conversation.

At a reunion, you have to catch up with that aunt who sends cards every Christmas or lend your grandmother an ear until your cousin relieves you of the duty. In the world of Twitter, you have to listen and respond as much as you speak. Don’t simply fill the air with your clever observations. Let Twitter reflect not only your company’s wit but also your interpersonal skills and speed of response.


Even the least glamorous of us (we’re looking at you, rat poison marketing team) can benefit from Instagram. The old proverb offers the best Instagram advice: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pick and choose the moments to capture. Post an image of your team celebrating a great day at work. Upload a picture of a job well done or a happy customer. Keep the tone upbeat, but a little more professional than Facebook. No one wants to scroll through an entire Instagram profile of memes.


If Twitter is a family reunion, Facebook a slumber party, and Instagram a calculated photo shoot, then LinkedIn is a professional business meeting. Keep things kosher. Keep it to the pertinent details.

Keep things short, sweet, and front-loaded with benefits to the audience. LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the more heavyweight benefits of your business, not to mention your knowledge of marketing, management, hiring and whatever service you provide.

An Obvious But Often Overlooked Detail

Remember that one time at that family reunion when you accidentally let it slip to your grandfather that you voted for the other guy in the last election? Well if you think that was bad, then just imagine your entire family overheard you and had the ability to tell everyone about your decision.

This is what happens when you pipe up online. Politics have no place in a productive and persuasive social media marketing campaign. In fact, steer away from potentially sensitive topics altogether. Unless they pertain strictly to your business or products — and you’re fully prepared for potential controversy — you should stay away from any subject areas with the potential to offend.

Get Your Social Media Marketing Voice on Point

If you want to create a well-rounded social media marketing voice, contact JumpSIX Marketing. We will figure out a plan of action, help you establish the right tone across social media and digital platforms, and take on the burden of managing all your different, public-facing accounts.

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