Storytelling Vs. Content in Digital Marketing

storytelling concept for digital marketing

What is Storytelling in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is a significant component of digital marketing which entails the use of social media, videos, blogging, and more to build a brand’s personability and relatability. While some digital marketing entities enjoy arguing that content marketing is losing its value or that it is, in fact, dead, it remains a useful tool.

Many sources say now that “storytelling” has either killed or is replacing content marketing. But are the two really at odds? To begin, we’ll take a look at what really constitutes content marketing, what constitutes storytelling, and then we’ll discuss how each of them contributes to a comprehensive and meaningful digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

It would be very easy to become bogged down in tired debates over what truly constitutes “content marketing.” At its core are very simple principles that have become standard practice over time. Content marketing seeks to distribute material that is relevant and consistent to a given audience as a means to increase brand-customer engagement. Content marketing takes a somewhat slantways approach to digital marketing advertising in that it does not function in the direct way many of us understand from common advertisements which simply promote a product or brand name.

Content marketing is about creating deeper connections between customers and the ideas that brands inhabit. By producing and distributing materials such as authoritative blogs which affect a personal tone and social media posts which give inside looks at a company, brands don’t so much have to sell customers on products as simply make human connections.


So what is storytelling, the thing that may or may not be elbowing content marketing out of the competition? Storytelling is often used in a more holistic and abstract way than content marketing. It refers to the crafting of a brand narrative through content as well as through formal aspects of brand design such as web design, style (of typeface, of content), and more.

The general argument is that storytelling makes a brand more immersive to customers. By giving more consideration to visuals such as typeface, photography, and layout, a brand is better able to build a world of itself.

Are Content and Storytelling at Odds in Digital Marketing?

Sure, they may overlap a bit. But we’re not so sure they are mutually exclusive. Where storytelling establishes a brand narrative, content, intelligently and intentionally written, reinforces or expands that narrative. This is how we practice content marketing at JumpSIX Marketing. By producing researched and lively content that aligns with your values and brand narrative, we help your company receive the recognition it deserves. Let us design a digital marketing strategy for you, and we’ll show you how content and storytelling align. Contact us today to learn more!

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