Targeting Multiple Cities with Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies for Multiple Cities

Many companies that provide services to multiple cities or regions struggle with how to best target each area with their digital marketing efforts. When Google initially rolled out their Panda algorithm, they began to penalize sites for what they considered poor or deceptive content techniques. This algorithm change was targeting “black-hat” digital marketing techniques like doorway pages, or duplicate content. One unintended side-effect of this algorithm, however, was the penalization of the city or region page.

For many years, local marketers have used “city pages” as a way to target individual cities in their digital marketing campaign. With the penalization of what Google considers duplicate content, many of these city pages were not considered valuable to consumers and ended up hurting the website’s overall performance. However, city pages and regional targeting can be done in a way that works for your digital marketing campaign and provides value to visitors.

Make Your City Pages Unique

When targeting your most important cities for digital marketing, be certain that your page is actually adding value to visitors who are searching for your product or service. What makes that city unique? For example, if you have a real estate company discuss the ways that the community in that region differs, or how municipal laws may impact potential customers. If you do not have any unique information to provide, or a dull web design, you may need to re-evaluate the benefit of that city page. By providing some value you make Google like the page more, as well as demonstrate your expertise to potential local consumers.

Be honest with yourself about the value you bring with each city page. If you are only content is nearly identical except for a few terms, Google will flag the page negatively. Google’s algorithm is advanced enough to know if you are just changing a few words to mask duplicate content.

Verify Your City Pages are Mobile Friendly

As Google will be moving to a mobile-first algorithm, verify that your city pages are properly formatted for mobile viewing. If your regional pages are not linked on a mobile site, the new Google algorithm may penalize or even drop them from the index. It would appear that you are attempting to hide those pages, resulting in penalization from Google.

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