The Balance of Quality and Quantity in SEO

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“Quality over quantity” is a phrase we’ve all heard plenty of times. It makes sense, too. It’s much better to have less of something that’s good than more of something that’s mediocre or just outright bad. That said, things get a little more complicated when it comes to SEO.

Does quality over quantity apply in the same way here? Are there situations where quantity is actually more beneficial? As providers of SEO, among many other digital marketing services, JumpSIX Marketing is here to explain.

What “Quality” Means When It Comes to SEO

Quality is a tricky subject when it comes to search engine optimization. Yes, you have to optimize your content for search engines to be able to crawl and rank it properly. But this isn’t the focus of your content. Ultimately, your content is for the user — the person reading it.

The pages of your site, the text in your ads, or what you post as part of a social media marketing campaign, should all be tailored for the users. Specifically, the users you want to target. Optimizations geared toward the more technical side of things should be secondary to a good user experience.

How Too Much Content Can Hurt Your SEO Performance

Long form content is good. At least, it’s good when it’s justified. When something has been written to fill space or meet a word count, most people reading it can tell. It’s off-putting and a search engine has techniques in place to identify it. Unnecessarily long content is going to hurt your position in search rankings and put people off slogging through your site to find what they need.

Sometimes More Is Better

Wait, so Google doesn’t reward long-form content? As with any and all digital marketing questions, the answer here is “yes and no”. Long-form content is great when it’s warranted. It’s also great when it’s engaging. If you’re including long-form content on a page or across a site, then you need to get creative with it. Not only does it need to be well written, informative, and optimized for search engines, but it also needs to be presented well.

A static page with huge blocks of text won’t do it. You’ll need something animated, with a lot of pictures or infographics to illustrate whatever it is your talking about. Including links to other, relevant pages, and easy ways to skip to key points and get in touch will all help bolster your overall performance.

Get in Touch About Your SEO Quality Today

SEO is a delicate balancing act and it’s one of the most time-consuming things you can get lost in when you’re trying to run a business. Thankfully, JumpSIX Marketing can help. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency and Google Partner, and we can help with search engine optimization, digital advertising, web development, reputation management, and much more. Contact JumpSIX Marketing for more information today.

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