These Common Website Issues Could Be Killing Your SEO Efforts


Resolve These Common SEO Issues to Keep Your Marketing Campaign as Healthy as Possible.

When managing any SEO campaign, it’s important to create authoritative, relevant content that’s rich with target keywords. But no matter how great your campaign is, there are still a few common website issues you need to watch out for.

On Site and Technical Issues That Negatively Affect Your SEO

Missing Meta Descriptions.

Any SEO specialist will tell you that missing meta descriptions are all too common. These blurbs of content may be short, but they are extremely important to Google search engine rankings. Meta descriptions tell Google what your page is all about and if you leave it blank, Google will auto-generate a description for you. This auto-generated meta description will end up being the first 150-160 characters on your page, so it’s much better for you to create those descriptions yourself and make those 150-160 characters really count.

Images Without Alt Attributes.

Every single image on a page needs alt attributes. If an image doesn’t display properly due to a slow connection or some other reason, the alt attributes tell users what image should be there. All your alt attributes on a certain page should accurately describe what each image is while also utilizing the keyword focus of that page.

Duplicate Content.

So many websites use duplicate content to “bulk up” their webpages, but the truth is that doing this only makes a website less authoritative, your web design more clustered, and overall less relevant in Google’s eyes. Instead reusing your website copy, take the time to craft useful and informative information for your readers. If you don’t have the time to do that, hire a professional to do it for you. Relevant content is extremely important for good SEO rankings.

404 Errors

Nothing is worse than browsing a website and clicking on a page, only to have it lead to a disappointing 404 error. These errors really have a negative impact on website browsers and search engines don’t like it either. Google sees 404 errors as a sign that you’re not managing your website properly, and keeping it up to date, which in turn, decreases your relevancy and authority. Everybody gets 404 errors but don’t let yours go unfixed.

Slow Loading Pages

Okay — we admit it. Slow-loading pages are even worse than 404 errors. If your website is turning users away because it takes 3, 4, (or worse) 5 whole seconds to load one page, you need to do something pronto. While the overall success of your SEO campaign isn’t riding on the speed of your website, it definitely does make a big difference. Slow loading pages can result in less conversions, less views, and unhappy website visitors. Keep your site running smoothly and quickly by reducing oversized images, limiting the number of plugins and redirects being used, and enabling browser caching and compression.

Too Many Keyword-Rich Anchors

Keyword-rich anchor text is good when used in moderation, but too many people over optimize their websites with an abundance of rich anchor text links. Overdoing it can not only hurt your SEO, but you might even get slammed with a penalty from Google. Instead, dilute your anchors by spreading your keyword phrases across a longer sentence. Also, make sure your anchors lead to deeper pages within your website instead of just your homepage.

How JumpSIX Marketing Can Fix These Common SEO Issues

There are many other factors that can affect the effectiveness of an SEO campaign, but these are just a few of the most common website issues we all face. If you need help optimizing your website, contact JumpSIX Marketing today.

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