Top 3 Signs Your Digital Advertising Emails Need a Makeover

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Just about anyone can create and send out email campaigns to their list of prospects and potential customers. However, just because it is a simple process does not necessarily mean that it is an effective digital advertising method. If you created an email campaign that did not get you the results you hoped, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, it may be time to take a step back and reevaluate your approach to email marketing. JumpSIX Marketing has years of experience creating email marketing campaigns and has had successes and failures at different levels just like anyone else. What is important in these circumstances is recognizing the signs that your digital advertising campaign needs to be updated. Below are a few signs that your email marketing campaign may be ready for a makeover.

#1 – Your Email List is No Longer Growing

One of the key signs that your digital advertising is ineffective is that your subscriber list is no longer growing. People may still be subscribing to your account thanks to your website or social media campaigns, but are unsubscribing just as quickly. Or it is possible that your subscribers are remaining with you, but your digital advertising is no longer finding new prospects. Whatever the case, it is time to reevaluate your content. Take a look at your offer, perhaps your content is dated and no longer as relevant. Staying on top of your market requires that you monitor these factors to gauge trends. This sign is one of the first hints that your digital advertising needs to be updated.

#2 – Prospects are Not Engaging

Maybe your email list is still growing and you are continuing to find new potential subscribers through your digital advertising campaign, but your prospects are not engaging with your emails marketing. Generally, you will notice a low open rate or click-through rate when monitoring a failed email marketing campaign. This is an easy trap to fall into as most people are inundated with sales offers through their email. This is a common issue when companies are only sending emails when they are trying to sell their product. No matter how great your offer, if you only contact subscribers for offers it is likely your email will end up in the trash. Find ways to engage your customers. Things like newsletters, company stories, behind-the-scenes insights, and emails that engage the customer are key to successful email campaigns. Build a rapport with your subscribers and they will look forward to receiving your emails.

#3 – Your Emails Are Not Targeted

If you are sending out blanket emails to all of your subscribers your digital advertising campaign could be improved upon. Your subscribers are not going to all have the same needs or wants from your emails. Sending blanket messages to all your subscribers is rarely useful. Instead, start segmenting your list based on demographics, products purchased, or whatever information you have available. The more relevant you can make your email content the better results you will see.

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