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Google Advertising

Every time you design and publish an advertisement in a Google advertising network, you do so to capture the attention of a specific type of audience. This helps you spread awareness about your product and engage with your customers. Each different type of ad helps you interact in a slightly different way. Display advertising works different from search engine advertising, and YouTube ads work differently from both display and search engine advertising. YouTube advertising helps you reach a slightly different audience in a more interactive way. Plus, the social network engages more than 1 billion users who, in turn, watch more than 6 billion hours of video each month. In today’s blog, the JumpSIX Marketing crew would like to explore what makes YouTube advertising unique, beneficial, and ultimately a fantastic tool for your business.

How Does YouTube Advertising Work?

You should think of YouTube advertising the same way you might think of Google advertising. They are, in fact, related companies. YouTube functions as a subsidiary of Google, so many of the best strategies for Google advertising campaigns apply to YouTube. Ads on the popular social media website, however, take the form of videos. You have two unique TrueView video advertising options and the opportunity to employ campaign banners.

In-Stream Ads

You can entice YouTube visitors by placing in-stream ads before videos they wish to watch. Users can skip these advertisements after five seconds. Though this might, at first glance, sound like a bad thing, it actually makes for a win-win situation. Like Google Advertising in the display network, you pay for impressions (views). YouTube defines this as anytime a person watches your ad for longer than 30 seconds. This ensures you only pay when someone is interested in your company or product.

In-Display Ads

When you choose the in-display option (also known as TrueView video discovery), you place your advertisements on other video’s sidebars or on YouTube’s SERPs. Your advertisements only play once clicked on, and you only pay when your advertisements play.The Google advertising network doesn’t limit the length of in-display advertisements.

Campaign Banners

If you choose to use campaign banner ads, you will get to engage users in multiple ways. When a user streams your advertisement, your banner ad will appear above the recommended videos in the right-hand sidebar. When the user clicks on this banner ad, they immediately enter your site on a landing page designed to attract them to the item your ad highlights.

Customizing Your Reach Through Google Advertising

We’ve come to expect amazing control and targeting options with Google advertising, and the YouTube advertising network doesn’t disappoint. You can target users based on their age or gender. You can target affinity audiences. These are audiences made up of people who show interest in products similar to yours. You also get the opportunity to target users who are already in the market for your product. This gives you the chance to entice them at the perfect moment. You can also choose specific placements. If you find videos that your customers will enjoy, target these videos to engage with users similar to your base of return customers.

Choose JumpSIX Marketing

We have just scratched the surface of YouTube advertising possibilities. If you want to engage users in the most immersive, natural, and interactive way, then you should consider using video advertisements. The JumpSIX Marketing team specializes in search engine marketing. We consider your needs and help you decide whether YouTube advertising is the right decision for you. Contact JumpSIX Marketing for all your digital marketing needs.

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