Using Memes as Part of a Digital Marketing Strategy

memes in digital marketing

Memes continue to be wildly popular on all social media platforms. A person can easily lose track of ten minutes just scrolling through Instagram or Twitter feeds checking in on the latest and most absurd, nonsensical, and outrageous (even dank) memes. Because of their popularity, memes have become prevalent on the pages of brands and companies who want to connect with their more digitally-integrated clientele.

But how well do memes function from a digital marketing perspective? As soon as meme connoisseurs smell even a hint of advertisement in their memes, they’ll turn their noses and keep scrolling. Others, however, enjoy the idea of popular content repurposed for local or business-specific interests.

This is a contestable issue, as they always seem to be in the world of digital marketing. Here, JumpSIX looks at some of the ways memes can be beneficial for digital marketing and some of the ways they can hurt.

Learning From Memes

One way to understand how memes can be used well as part of a digital marketing strategy is to look at what makes them popular in the first place. How is it that they have the breadth of appeal that they do with so little content involved?

That’s just it. Memes are easily digested because they are so small. They typically contain fads, jokes, references, humorous misspellings, or in-jokes, paired with an image. Users can flip through them in a second, or, if their attention is properly grabbed, they’ll share with their friends.

What does this mean for your digital marketing strategy? Maybe you should experiment with more easily-consumed content on your social media platforms. Give your audience something to enjoy, something that will keep your brand’s image and message present in their minds but which won’t consume much of their time.

This approach is more acceptable in social media simply because of the way users engage those platforms. Your goal for website content and blogging should always be to produce authoritative and informative content that gives readers something of value.

Why Avoid Memes in your Digital Marketing

One of the great appeals of memes is their borderline-edginess, or sometimes their outright edginess. This can be beneficial to brands who know how to usefully employ more pointed content, but many brands want to adhere to a de-politicized, enjoyable image.

And because memes can be so fleeting and so easily manipulated, attaching your brand to a meme may not be in your best interest. Take, for example, the tale of Pepe the Frog, a meme which, after enjoying widespread popularity, became associated with white supremacist ideology.

Companies and celebrities who had played along had to re-think their engagement with meme culture, and while the shift may not have sunk any businesses, it still creates an awkward moment with your audience that maybe you’d rather avoid.

Digital Marketing Strategies with JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX, we value original content overall. While memes can be fun ways to show connect with your audience over a shared appreciation for silliness, every meme re-post is a missed opportunity to provide engaging content that is specific to your brand. When you choose digital marketing with JumpSIX, you get original content that is aligned with your brand’s values and goals every time. Let us design a strategy for your content marketing – call JumpSIX Marketing today!

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