Utilize Instagram’s Features For Social Media Marketing

Phone using Instagram for social media marketing

Understanding All Instagram Has To Offer

The breadth of Instagram is constantly changing, sometimes making it overwhelming for companies to understand how to properly utilize the persistent influx of new features. With many options at hand, Instagram is among the most beneficial social media platforms to build a brand on and can result in substantial benefits for your company if used thoroughly. At JumpSIX Marketing, we decided to break down some of the most important ways you can make use of social media marketing on Instagram.

Link Your Other Accounts

Instagram has the option to link your account to other social media marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, offering the ability to attract your followers from different platforms to one they may not be familiar with. Having your followers on other sites see your Instagram posts can allow them to witness your brand in a new light and further increase their interest in your company.

Use Hashtags

Though popularized by Twitter, Instagram jumped on the hashtag bandwagon a while back, and they have become key in social media marketing for the site. Including a hashtag in your post can allow people who may not follow you to see your content included among other relatable pictures that they are interested in, thus increasing your exposure and potential reach to new customers.

Spark Engagement

One of the most useful social media marketing tactics you can do on Instagram is to encourage your followers to interact with your posts by liking or commenting on the picture. As your followers engage with your content, your pictures will appear on the “explore page” (the page with the magnifying glass) to the people who follow your followers. This is yet another beneficial way to expand your brand and increase exposure to people who may not be familiar with your company.

Use Stories

Arguably another feature that Instagram copied (this one from Snapchat), Stories allow users to post a picture or short video that will be visible for 24 hours. The stories also conveniently sit at the top of the screen, making it the first thing people see when opening the application. Stories are an effective social media marketing tool to communicate impromptu ideas without completely annoying your followers. What’s more, Stories can also appear on the explore page for people to … explore … your company’s content.

Post Multiple Photos

A recent addition to Instagram’s lineup was the ability to include more than one picture or video in a single post. The app now lets you compile up to 10 files to create a short album, granting the ability to communicate multiple ideas if necessary. Using this feature can aid greatly in controlling the amount of posts you send out on your timeline, which is an important social media marketing element to monitor in making sure your followers do not grow too irritated with your content.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing For More Social Media Marketing Tips

Instagram is a great social media marketing platform to become active on, and although the array of features may take a while to fully grasp, finding a proper use for them can allow you to build your brand to its full potential to attract many new prospective clients. For more information, call JumpSIX Marketing at 417-799-2233.

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