Web Design: Is A Primary Focal Point A Legitimate Strategy?

focal point web design

Web design has become so important over the last decade that you will have a hard time being successful as a business without a functional and aesthetically-pleasing website. However, the best way to build that website is constantly changing and evolving.

One strategy that has recently made headway into the web design arena, especially with churches around the nation, is the use of a primary focal point. In today’s blog post, JumpSIX Marketing will look at this strategy and determine if it is good for not only web development purposes but also for SEO purposes.

What Is A Primary Focal Point?

This strategy is all about the first impression a website makes on the user. Advocates of this strategy argue that a first impression is strongest when there is a primary focal point of the website. That focal point is typically a single sentence or a call-to-action button leading somewhere else on the page.

This web design strategy turns your home page into a landing page, more or less. It eliminates the clutter and business of a home page and focuses on a single sentence or action point.

What Are The Benefits Of This Strategy?

This is a complicated question, and the answer depends on your business and the intent of your website. Churches have been using this strategy more than others, mainly because churches know what people are coming to their website to see. People who visit church websites are looking to get a first impression of the church before visiting while finding out how they can get involved.

In that context, it is easy to hammer down a focal point that makes the guest feel welcomed and points them in the right direction. And this strategy’s focus on first impressions is merited. Most people make a judgment of a website almost instantly and will leave without looking at the company, even if the company has what they’re looking for. We also don’t like having to look hard, so having what we need on the first page we click on is a good thing.

What Are The Negatives Of This Strategy?

Not all companies have a single focal point that can explain what they do. This is especially true of e-commerce businesses. It can be very difficult to explain what you sell in one or two sentences when you offer a massive range of products. Some businesses need to have more going on with their home page so that potential customers will know what they offer.

There are also some SEO ramifications to this strategy. You can have a primary focal point for a single-scroll website because you can get more content into a single-scroll page. However, with primary focal point web design, there isn’t a lot of room for content, which will hurt your SEO authority.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing For Web Design Help

While there are negatives to primary focal point web design, that is true of every single type of design. The bigger issue is understanding what your business needs in a website and then planning out web design strategies. JumpSIX Marketing helps walk you through the process. Give us a call at (417) 799-2233 or fill out a contact form to get in touch with us today.

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