Why Is My Website Not Performing Organically? Our Web Design Expert Weighs In

Web Design: If My Website Looks Great, Why Am I Not Getting Organic Results?

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For SEO teams across the globe, organic results are the reason you write and optimize. It’s all about getting potential customers to visit your website and see your product or service instead of the other guy, all through optimization efforts. However, SEO efforts work in conjunction with other efforts, including web design. Getting potential customers to visit the website is great, but if the website isn’t appealing, your bounce rate will be the only thing growing. But what happens when your website looks great but your organic results aren’t good? In today’s JumpSIX Marketing blog, we’ll look at this web design phenomenon.  

Why Am I Not Seeing Results?

Depending on how your web design team designed your website, this question may have different answers. One reason why amazing looking websites struggle to generate organic results is that they are typically more minimalistic. And when we say minimalistic, we are referring to the content of the website and its pages.

Generally speaking, better-looking websites are less cluttered. While that might be more attractive and make it less likely for a potential customer to bounce off of your site, it also gives you less content to optimize. It’s a catch-22 of sorts. You want a website that’s attractive enough to keep people clicking, but a lack of SEO authority makes it less likely for them to find your website in the first place.

How Can I Improve The SEO Authority Of My Website?

The dilemma that faces your web design staff is how to make your website for legitimate from an SEO standpoint without compromising the design and without causing potential customers to leave. While it isn’t likely that you will be able to accomplish both without compromising a little bit on either SEO authority or design, there are steps that you can take.

Using the right fonts can help you build your SEO authority without losing style. Webfonts are the best way to do this. You can also add graphic elements to your site in places that you might not ordinarily do so. This will allow you to use whatever design or fonts that you want without consequence while also giving you an alt-tag to optimize. These elements can be anything from photos to text boxes.

JumpSIX Marketing Can Optimize Your Web Design

While there are several web design strategies you can utilize to improve the SEO authority of your site, it can also be fairly overwhelming to handle on your own. At JumpSIX Marketing, we specialize in both web design and SEO and we can help you build a beautiful website that is authoritative while saving you the hassle of wrangling it yourself. For more information, give us a call today at (417) 799-2233 or contact us via our website to get in touch.

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