Why Digital Advertising Is Essential for a Successful Business Today

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 Digital Advertising is a Powerful Tool.

If your business hasn’t taken advantage of the incredible gains associated with digital advertising, you’re missing out. We don’t deny that traditional print advertising has its perks too, but it pales in comparison to digital marketing efforts like display advertising.

Small budgets and tight profit margins can sometimes make search engine marketing difficult for small businesses. Oftentimes it can be advantageous to forego paper advertising all together to free up funds for digital marketing services. You may be skeptical and that’s okay, but hear us out and you may find yourself reconsidering.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

It’s 2016. And now more than ever, people are constantly connected to the internet. Everywhere you look there are people browsing the web on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices searching for services, sending out Tweets or leaving a Yelp review for the restaurant they just visited. In a world full of consumers constantly on the go, businesses need to be able to meet consumers where they are and digital advertising does just that. By being at the right place at the right time, a digital ad has the unique ability to present itself to a consumer in “search” mode who is ready to make a decision.

Digital advertising not only has the ability to travel with consumers everywhere they go, but it can also reach far beyond the limited range of local paper advertisements. Our global economy invites engagement that surpasses state and city lines and Google advertising can put your ad in front of people who are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of miles away. This widening of your consumer base opens up the opportunity to gain more customers.

Gaining and reaching more customers is one thing, but so is zeroing in on the ones you want to target. Digital advertising with retargeting ads on social media is an extremely valuable resource that can boost conversions of interested prospects. Instead of just mailing out paper advertisements to consumers who subscribed once upon a time, social media marketing is highly customized based on your target audience’s behaviors, demographics and interests. This allows businesses to reach the prospects they want to reach while keeping their services front of mind.

If you’re still stuck on the budget issue, that’s an understandable hesitation. But in many cases, digital advertising can be a more effective way to reach consumers, even if it poses a higher cost up front. The goal is to gain more consumers and in turn, make more profit.

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