Why the Images You Pick for Digital Marketing Still Matter

Professional photography equipment.

Ever noticed how a lot of the images you see online tend to look the same? In fact, sometimes it seems like the more professional a company, the more familiar their photos are. That’s because you’re looking at stock photos. Have you also noticed that the more obvious a stock photo is, the less you feel like you trust a company? That’s why the kind of images you use for any aspect of digital marketing is vital.

This doesn’t mean you should never use stock images, but it does mean being selective about what you pick. It also means putting more effort into creating a unique aesthetic for your digital marketing and online advertising campaigns. In this blog, JumpSIX Marketing goes into detail about why picking the right pictures is so important.

Make Your Content Visually Engaging

Having images on your website, page, or blog post is important. There’s a reason stock images are such a big factor in online content and it’s that no one reads giant blocks of text on a site. The same goes for your ads. If you’re posting a display ad banner that’s just a block of text, no one is going to pay attention to it. Stock photos provide a valuable asset to making any online content more visually engaging when you don’t have your own photographic resources to pull from.

Obvious Stock Photos Are Obvious

The problem comes when you choose the wrong stock photo. You’ve probably seen this yourself, a photo used on a page or in a blog that looks clearly staged, or is cheesy, tacky, or even inappropriate. Everyone uses the internet these days and there’s now more than one generation that’s grown up in an always-online world.

This means that everyone is also familiar with what stock photos look like. Some stock photos are just outright terrible, so unless you’re using a bad image with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, tacky or obvious stock photos are only going to drive people away.

Authenticity Really Is Important

So, what can you do about it? When it comes to digital marketing, or any kind of marketing or representation of yourself, your company, or your brand, authenticity is important. Authenticity in the content you create isn’t just about using the right words, the authenticity of the pictures is important too.

Using real photos of your business, your team or your staff, customers and clients, and your own work will always serve you better than stock images. The real key is either having an in-house photographer who really knows what they’re doing, or hiring a professional to take care of it for you.

Stock Images Can Be Effective When Used Right

Although your photos are your best option, stock images can be extremely helpful. Sometimes it’s just not possible to use your own images and there a lot of high-quality stock photos out there. The key to using stock images is to really think about what you’re trying to get across when you choose them. Don’t just haphazardly pick whatever looks like it kind of fits. Be selective, be creative, and be authentic.

Crafting Your Digital Marketing Aesthetic with JumpSIX

If you need help with finding or creating the right visual style for your digital marketing, contact JumpSIX Marketing. In fact, we can help you build your entire look from the ground up with professional web and graphic design services. Paired with insight into the best digital marketing practices and creative SEO, you’ll be getting the full package from a certified Google Partner company.

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