Digital marketing is our expertise

The JumpSIX Marketing team performs digital marketing for many different small businesses in Missouri, Texas, California, Ohio, Florida, and across the East Coast. These businesses range from adventure parks to law firms to salons, and we do our due diligence with each and every one of our clients. We learn about their businesses and their needs, then we build Google advertising campaigns, design websites, and write applicable content for search engine optimization.

For more than three years, we have worked alongside businesses in many different industries. We’ve picked up quite a few things while we built digital marketing campaigns for our various clients, and we continue to cultivate and form strong relationships within specific fields. A few services we offer are:


SEO that stays on the cutting edge. We start by evaluating your overall SEO strengths and weaknesses.



Your website says a lot. In today’s digital world, it’s essential that your site gives you a edge.



JumpSIX delivers results for nonprofits. We use Google grants to reach prospects on the internet with search ads.



Ever wish you could attract the right people online? We work with you to define your target audience.


Other areas of excellence

We put our best foot forward in everything we do, and we do our best to bring clarity to our process and show you that this is a joint venture. At JumpSIX Marketing, we like to think of ourselves as consultants to your team. Your goals are ultimately our goals. With this mentality, we have moved from strength to strength, and we hope to continue our growth and education long into the future. Businesses in a few other industries, such as dentists and lawyers, tend to gravitate towards JumpSIX Marketing. We’ve put together some of our proudest digital marketing campaigns for plumbers, sports facilities, and automotive retailers, and mechanics. Our experience in these areas continues to draw in new clients and helps us overcome any obstacles to providing the best service for them.

Try out digital marketing

The days of commercials and billboards are not quite over, but the world is moving more and more online. With social media and a world of information at their fingertips, more and more people are spending time online to research, compare, and decide where to spend their money. With a strategic approach to digital marketing that takes into account social media marketing, search engine marketing, digital advertising, and search engine optimization, you can work your business into the online conversation. This will increase exposure to your business and help get people in your door.

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If you own a business in one of these industries or want to give online marketing a shot, regardless of your industry, check us out. In three years, we have experienced nothing but continuous growth and have continued to reap rich rewards for our partners. If you want a fun, young, and dynamic digital marketing company to listen to your needs and concerns, contact JumpSIX Marketing today.