Before Davidson Law Group came to JumpSIX Marketing, they had recently sold their other firm with the same name and shifted their focus from criminal law to elder and estate law. This change in business created a need to establish a new online presence to rebrand their name and set them apart from their previous business. This is where JumpSIX Marketing stepped in.


For Davidson Law Group, we focused our initial efforts on web design and search engine optimization. First, we built them a new site to rebrand their name and showcase their change in business. To generate leads, we placed CTAs throughout the content with click-to-call features for mobile browsers, connecting more users to their business. Second, our search engine optimization team performed keyword research, updated their site’s title tags and meta descriptions, and wrote authoritative, relevant content to organically rank their name in the competitive Dallas market.

Davidson Results

Since Davidson Law Group started SEO services with JumpSIX Marketing, they have seen a dramatic increase in organic search referrals. Within the first four months, Davidson Law Group had 176 referrals from organic searches alone, which is nearly a 47 percent increase since they started SEO.


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