Oasis Fire & Ice Bar was struggling to increase their digital presence in the extremely competitive food industry. They were unsatisfied with their increasingly outdated website. Users complained that their site was not mobile friendly and was generally difficult to navigate. They realized they needed the help of a digital marketing company to work with them to create a new website and build their online presence to reach a larger digital audience. It was then that Fire & Ice met with JumpSIX Marketing and realized that we were the creative, technologically-driven company that they needed to succeed in the online arena.


We met with the Fire & Ice and worked together to create a comprehensive plan to build a new website from the ground up. They wanted a modern digital presence with a fully integrated mobile site. They wanted to emphasize the quality of their food as well as create an easy online reservation process. Our web team worked to design a new website from scratch, making navigation easy and creating a beautiful, clean interface. We created an easy-to-use reservation system and took photos to show off the excellent food and atmosphere at Fire & Ice. After the website went live it quickly became clear that our collaboration was a major success.

Fire & Ice Results

After the creation of the new website Fire & Ice saw higher volumes of traffic almost immediately, with a 74% increase in new visitor sessions. The ease of use and increased optimization of the website resulted in increased engagement levels per session as well.


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